What Is The Plural Of Lens? Definition and Examples

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Nothing is more embarrassing than spelling a word wrong. I used to be confident writing down the plural of the word “lens,” only for me to be corrected by someone. Do not be like me and save face by learning the correct plural form of lens.

The plural of lens is lenses. Despite having “s” as its last letter, the word lens is a singular noun. Add “-es” at the end to make it plural.

But what about the word lense? What is its plural form? This article will answer your other questions about lens. But first, let us take a look at its definition.  

What Is Lens?

What Is Lens

Lens is a noun that refers to a part of a camera. A camera lens uses several pieces of glass to reflect and refocus light onto a sensor. That sensor converts light energy into electric signals, which form a digital image.

Another definition of lens is the transparent structure in the eye. It sits behind the iris and is responsible for focusing on objects at varying distances.

The word lens can also allude to a piece of curved glass or plastic. 

Finally, lens can be used in a figurative manner. It can describe a way of looking at something.

What Is The Plural Of Lens?

The word lens is a singular noun. “Lenses” is the plural form of lens.

Unlike most nouns, the plural of lens is not created by simply adding the letter “s” at the end. That makes “lenss” an incorrect spelling. 

For words that end in “s,” “-ch,” “x,” or s-like sounds, you add “-es” to get the plural form. 

Lens vs. Lense In English: Why Is There A Confusion?

Many people confuse “lens” with “lense” and believe the latter is an acceptable spelling or an actual word. The truth is that “lense” is not the correct spelling of any English word.  

So, where does the confusion come from? Well, I honestly think it is because of the plural form of the word. Since it is spelled “lenses,” people might assume the correct singular form is “lense.” And considering that many English words have alternate spellings, most individuals presume that “lens” and “lense” are the same.

When To Use Lens?

Use the word “lens” if you are referring to a part of the camera, the anatomy of the eye, or a piece of glass. Some people also use “lens” figuratively as a way of observing something.

If you are talking about multiple pieces of lens, note that “lenses” is the correct plural form. Do not use “lenss” or other alternate spellings.

When To Use Lense?

Lense is a misspelled word for lens. Avoid using it because it is an incorrect singular form. It also rarely appears in published work and edited writing.

If you have used the word “lense” for a long time, you probably find it difficult to stop its usage right away. Here is my tip: think of the extra “e” as the word “error” to catch yourself before actually spelling it. Eventually, you will get used to the correct spelling, which is “lens.”

Examples of Lens In A Sentence

Below are a few samples of using the correct singular and plural forms of lens.

A part of a camera

  • I am planning to buy a new lens for my camera next week.
  • A dirty camera lens is one of the reasons why you might get blurry photos.
  • As a photographer, I carry several lenses in my bag to capture a variety of subjects.

The transparent structure of the eye

  • The lens is an essential part of the eye.
  • The lens is located directly behind the pupil.
  • An ophthalmologist checks several lenses from different patients every day.

A piece of glass or plastic

  • A magnifying glass uses a convex lens to enlarge an object.
  • My eyeglass has thick lenses because I have poor eye vision.
  • Sleeping with contact lenses can be unsafe.


To reiterate, the plural of lens is “lenses.” It is not “lenss” or other alternate spellings. Note that “lens” is the only singular form of the word. Many people think “lense” is an acceptable spelling, but they are incorrect. Use the correct singular and plural forms to avoid embarrassment. 

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