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I’ve spent time with camera equipment my whole life.  I began taking it more seriously in college when I got a gig photographing a concert. I actually didn’t get paid for that one but I got into the concert for free!

I have friends who are filmmakers so the latest and greatest cameras, lenses, and equipment are always hot topics for us to catch up on.

One thing I’ve realized is that you should never feel bad that you need help to figure this stuff out.  There is just way too much information out there to try to figure out everything on your own.

Don’t be afraid to ask a photographer that you actually know whether the lens (or other equipment) that you’re thinking about buying is really necessary for what you’re trying to do.

If someone doesn’t explain it in a super clear way, it can be pretty hard to follow how all the different components work together and whether a new accessory will make a difference for your camera setup (or even worse, not be compatible at all).

Looking back now I definitely wish I would have asked more questions earlier – maybe then I would not have wasted so much money on the wrong equipment in my early years!

Over time, I’ve tried to write down what I’ve learned and captured a lot of it on this site.  I’ve also assembled a small team of photography experts to help answer questions and add their insights from particular types of photography like weddings, portraits, and even filmmaking.  We are passionate about photography and love learning from each other and from the questions you ask. 

We’re here to help get your questions answered, and to make sure you find the best lens for your situation.  There is a lot of complicated information out there – let us help you along your photography journey.

– Olivia

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