Photography Classes for Teens: What You Need to Know Before Enrolling

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Do you have a teen who enjoys taking photos? As a parent, you want to support your child in their interests and passions. Consider enrolling them in photography courses to help develop their technical skills and artistic vision.

Photography classes for teens can teach children ages 13 to 17 the creative and technical aspects of photography. They cover lighting, composition, camera settings, editing, and other topics. 

However, photography classes for teens vary greatly. You may feel overwhelmed with the different courses available in person or online. Fortunately, this article will show the various options to consider. We will also share tips on finding the perfect photography class for your teenager.

3 Types of Photography Classes for Teens

3 Types of Photography Classes for Teens

Photography courses for teens are available in three different types. Below, we will briefly explain the differences between each one to help narrow down your search.

Basic Photography Classes

These are introductory classes that aim to teach photography fundamentals. Basic photography classes educate your teen about lighting, composition, camera settings, and simple editing. They are perfect for those without prior knowledge of taking pictures.

Intermediate Photography Classes

These types of photography courses are for teen students with a basic understanding of photography. They cover advanced techniques like manual camera controls, post-processing, and other photography genres. They can improve the creative and technical photography skills of teenagers.

Advanced Photography Classes

These classes educate teenagers who already have a solid foundation in photography and want to push their skills further. These delve deeper into more complex techniques and other types of photography. These include fine art, portraiture, photojournalism, and product photography.

5 Best Photography Classes for Teens

We have shortlisted the top-rated photography classes for teens to save you time and effort. These in-person and online classes allow your child to learn the art of photography at their own pace.

1. Manual DSLR Photography 101 for Teens

The Manual DSLR Photography 101 for Teens is a basic photography class from the online education platform, Outschool.

In this multi-day course, teacher and photographer Katherine Causbie educates teens about the importance of shutter speed, aperture, and ISO in photography. She also covers the principles of composition to achieve visually interesting photos in the third week.

At the end of the class, young photographers will learn how to use basic camera settings and compose a photo.

Several parents shared that their teenagers love the class format and learned much from the online photography class.

2. Beginner Online Photography Course for Teens

Sharp Shots is one of the best junior photography clubs in the UK. It offers in-person and online courses for students who cannot afford an actual photography school.

The Beginner Online Photography Course for Teens is among the photo club’s class offerings. It teaches teen students the basics of a DSLR camera, the importance of composition, and different photography genres.

Once teenagers complete the eight lesson modules, they can shoot photographs in manual mode with confidence. They can also further appreciate photography. 

Most reviews for this course mention how their kids had fun learning about photography.

3. PhotoUno Portrait Photography For Teenagers

PhotoUno offers structured photography classes and learning camps for teenagers. These vary in scope, length, and skill level.

Consider Portrait Photography For Teenagers if your kid already knows the basics and wants to hone their skills further.

This intermediate photography class covers the different types of portraits. It also teaches the elements that make up a portrait. Plus, it is a hands-on course requiring students to constantly practice their learnings using manual mode. 

Note that this is an in-person photography lesson for teenagers in New York, United States. Browse their website for online photography class offerings if you live outside the state.

4. Your Road to Better Photography

If you already have a subscription to Udemy, you can choose from a wide variety of online photography classes for teens. Your Road to Better Photography is one of the top-rated courses on the platform. 

This basic photography class teaches the three elements of photography—aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. These give teens creative control over every shoot. It is the perfect starting point for your kid if they are interested in capturing better pictures.

The photography course has over 4,000 reviews, with mostly positive comments. It has already helped thousands of enthusiasts (teen or not) improve in photography. 

5. Annie Leibovitz Teaches Photography

Do you want your teen to be taught by one of the best in the photography industry? Consider enrolling them in the Annie Leibovitz Teaches Photography course.

In 15 video lessons, renowned portrait photographer Annie Leibovitz shares her techniques and creative process for capturing portraits. She also teaches you her philosophy—photography is more than gear or technology.

At the end of the online course, students will learn to use composition, lighting, and editing to tell stories through a photo. They are also expected to see the world in a different way.

5 Tips on Choosing the Right Photography Class for Teens

If you are still struggling to find the right photography class for teens, fret not. Here are a few tips to help you find the best options.

1. Ask Your Community

Feel free to reach out to your family and friends with experience in photography. The chances are they know the perfect class or workshop to recommend.

You can also visit the library or community center in your local area. You may find basic class offerings that can help your teen get started in photography.

2. Read Online Reviews

Regardless of the type of photography class you choose, you will likely find reviews of the course online. Read the comments from fellow parents or students themselves. Doing so will give you an idea if the class is the right option for your teen.

3. Research the Course’s Instructor and Curriculum

Learn about the photography course as much as you can. 

Research the instructor and explore their photographs. You will want to enroll your teenager in a class taught by professional photographers. The reason is they have lots of experience and insights.

It is also best to check the curriculum. Ensure it matches your child’s skill level and experience and promote self-expression.

4. Consider Free Classes

Do you feel uncertain about a particular class or are on a tight budget? You can search for free photography courses online. Since these would not cost you a dime, you can allow your teen to stop anytime if you feel like they are uninterested in the art.

5. Determine the Right Photography Niche

It will help if you ask your teenager about the type of photography they want to learn. Their answers can narrow down your search for classes.

For instance, if portraiture is the focus, you do not need to waste time checking landscape photography lessons. In general, these classes would not cover portraits. You can go straight ahead and search for portrait lessons.


If your teenager is interested in photography, you can support them by enrolling them in a course. You will find many photography classes for teens that help develop their skills and visual literacy

For starters, refer to our recommended lessons above. You can also pick other classes, but remember to keep our tips on choosing the right one in mind.

Did this article answer all your questions? If not, feel free to drop a message on the contact us page.