How To Use A Sony a7III As A Webcam?

How To Use A Sony a7III As A Webcam featured photo

Do you want high-quality video when attending online meetings or streaming live? If you already own a Sony a7III, you can actually turn it into a webcam. You don’t have to purchase another camera, which is great if you are on a tight budget.

There are two methods to use the Sony a7III as a webcam. The easiest way is to connect the camera to your computer via USB and download the Sony Imaging Edge App. You can also use an HDMI cable and a capture card for higher-quality videos with audio feed.

This article will cover these two ways of using your Sony camera as a webcam. We will guide you through the steps and list their pros and cons to help you decide which one to use. But first, we will talk about the benefits of using the Sony a7III as a webcam.

Why Should You Use A Sony a7III As A Webcam?

One of the main reasons to use the Sony a7III as a webcam is to capture high-quality videos. It has a full-frame sensor and a wide dynamic range. It also has impressive low-light performance. So if you are shooting at night or in a dimly lit room, you can expect sharp and detailed footage. You can ultimately enjoy better video for calls, meetings, and live streams. 

And unlike other professional-quality cameras, the Sony a7III is relatively compact. It does not take up much space on your desk. Plus, it is easy to store away when not in use.

Lastly, the ability to turn the Sony a7III into a webcam can help you save money. Buying another dedicated professional webcam is unnecessary, especially if you only need a webcam every now and then.

How To Use A Sony a7III As A Webcam?

How To Use A Sony a7III As A Webcam

You can use the Sony a7III as a USB webcam or connect it to a computer via an HDMI cable. We will cover the steps of each method below.

Method 1: USB with Sony’s Imaging Edge Webcam Software

Method 1 USB with Sony’s Imaging Edge Webcam Software

Use your Sony a7III as a webcam by connecting it via the included Micro USB cable. Follow the steps below for a successful online meeting or live stream.

First, download the Sony Imaging Edge Webcam software from the official Sony website. You can use the application on either your PC or Mac. Complete the entire installation process. Once done, restart your computer.

Now, you must change a few settings on your Sony camera. Press the Menu button just above the rear screen. Navigate to the Network section of the menu. Scroll down until you see the “Ctrl w/ smartphone” option. Switch it to OFF. Then, look for the “PC Remote Function” selection below. Turn that ON and choose “USB” as the connection method.

After that, get the Micro USB cable that was included in the camera box. If you misplaced or lost it, you can buy a new USB cable (eitiher micro USB or USB-C). Attach the wire to the USB output of the Sony a7III. Then, connect the other end to your camera. You will see a small PC icon show up on the screen, confirming that the camera is ready for use as a webcam.

Finally, go back to your computer. Open any video meeting app (Zoom, Google Meet) or live stream program (Twitch). Click the webcam or video settings, and you will see the “Sony Camera (Imaging Edge)” as one of the options. You can now join a webinar, attend an online class, or stream live to your viewers.

Method 2: Using an HDMI Cable

Method 2 Using an HDMI Cable

Another way to turn your Sony a7III into a webcam is to use an HDMI cable.

For this method, you will need an external camera capture card (such as the Elgato Cam Link 4K) and the right HDMI cable (the correct one is micro HDMI to HDMI).

After buying the necessary devices, go to your PC or Mac. Download the Imaging Edge Webcam app to use the Sony camera as a webcam.

Next, insert the micro HDMI cable into the HDMI output of the camera. Plug the other end into the capture card. 

Then, get the USB cable included with your capture card. Use this wire to connect the card to the computer.

Now, change the shooting mode of your Sony a7III camera. Set it to Movie mode by turning the mode dial on top of the camera near the shutter button. Press the Fn button on the right side of the rear screen. Navigate to the second column of the top row. Change the focus mode to Continuous AF or “AF-C” and enable the Face/Eye Detection function.

Finally, return to your computer. Open the app you want to use for live streaming or online meetings. You can select the “Sony Camera (Imaging Edge)” under the webcam settings.

Which Method Is Right For You?

Now, you may wonder which method is better for you. However, the answer depends on your needs and preferences. Below, we will review the pros and cons of each one to help you decide which method to choose.

USB with Imaging Edge Webcam Software

This method is cheaper and easier to set up. All you need is the USB cable that already comes with your Sony a7III camera. There is no need to buy a separate capture card. Simply connect the USB wire to the computer, and you can now enjoy better video quality than a standard webcam.

However, connecting your camera via USB restricts you from using audio directly from the camera. You also cannot use an external microphone. Plus, you only get a maximum resolution of 1024 x 576 pixels.

Using HDMI and Capture Card

If you want to get full HD or 4K video from your camera, use the HDMI with the capture card method.

The external capture card records smooth footage with no noticeable issues in the frame rate. It also allows you to use an external mic or the camera’s built-in mic for clear audio.

However, this method is more expensive and complicated. You must first connect the camera to the capture card before linking it to the camera. You might also want to buy a separate dummy battery to provide power to the Sony a7III. 


If you need better quality videos without complications, I recommend the USB method. It’s also my recommended setup for those with limited budgets.

However, if you want to record the highest video quality possible, invest in an HDMI cable and an external capture card. You can also connect an external microphone to get clear sound for your videos.

What Other Sony Cameras Work As A Webcam?

Besides the Sony a7III, you can convert other Sony cameras into a webcam. However, you must ensure the particular model is compatible with the Imaging Edge Webcam software. It is an app developed by Sony to provide webcam features for their cameras.

Most models from the Sony E-mount can turn into webcams. These include the Sony Alpha a7S, α7R IV, α6700, and more. There are also two cameras with the Sony A-mount that you can use as webcams. These are the Sony α99 and the Sony α77 II. You can refer to the official Sony website for a full list of cameras with webcam support.

Can You Use Sony a7III For Streaming?

Yes, you can stream videos live using the Sony a7III. The steps to live streaming are similar to the procedure of turning the camera into a webcam.

  1. You must download the Sony Imaging Edge Webcam app on your computer.
  2. Install your preferred live streaming software.
  3. Prepare the USB cable or an HDMI cable and a video capture device.
  4. Connect one end of either cable to the Sony a7III camera.
  5. Attach the opposite end to the computer.
  6. Turn the mode dial on the camera and enable Movie shooting mode.
  7. Launch the live-streaming software. You should see the Sony a7III as one of the camera options. Click it and start recording live.

How Do I Connect My Sony a7III To OBS?

OBS, or Open Broadcaster Software, is a free-to-use software for video streaming. You can connect your Sony a7III camera to OBS by following these steps:

  1. Download OBS and Sony Image Edge applications.
  2. On your camera, go to the Menu. Scroll to the toolbox icon or Setup window. Navigate to page 4 and find the “USB connection” setting. Set it to the “PC remote” option.
  3. Connect the Sony a7III to the camera via the included Micro USB cable.
  4. On your computer, open the Sony Image Edge app. Make sure your camera appears on the list of devices. Double-click the model and wait until it connects.
  5. Launch OBS. Look for the “Sources” tab on the lower left of the screen. Click the “+” sign to add a window capture. Feel free to tweak the settings according to your preference. For example, crop the parts of the video you do not want to broadcast live.
  6. Open the game or program you want to record. And that’s it; you can now stream videos live!


Whether you want to attend a webinar or stream a game live, having a webcam is a must. Fortunately, those who already own a Sony a7III camera can turn it into a webcam. 

You can either use a USB or HDMI cable with a capture card to connect the Sony camera to your computer. Download the Sony Imaging Edge Webcam software on your device. Then, launch your preferred web conferencing or live-streaming app. You can see the Sony a7III on the list of video devices.

Do you have more questions about using Sony a7III as a webcam? Visit our website and send your queries via our contact page!