How To Remove GoPro Lens Cover? 

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If you have a scratched GoPro lens or want to use a new housing, the first step is to remove the GoPro lens cover. This component protects the internal lens from debris and scratches. While it seems like the cover is permanently fixed to the camera, it is detachable.

To remove a GoPro lens cover, you must lift the lens port. Grip it with your fingers or use tools to create a gap between the lens and the camera. After that, simply twist the cover off. Then, attach the new protective housing or replace the lens.  

However, you must consider several things when removing the GoPro lens cover. Below, we will cover these factors and answer your other questions regarding lens covers.

How to Remove GoPro Lens Cover? 

You can remove the GoPro Hero lens cover in two easy steps, as outlined below.

Create a Gap Between the Lens Port and GoPro Camera

The first step is to create a small gap between the protective lens cover and its port or connection to the camera.

You can pull it off with your fingers. Grip both sides of the cover and use a bit of force to take it out. However, if it is your first time removing the GoPro cover, you will find it difficult to do. It seems like the cover will not move on its own. Do not force it if the lens port shows no signs of movement. 

So the next thing to try is an old credit card. Insert the card’s edge between the lens and the GoPro body. Aim for a millimeter gap near the exterior lens cover. Gently rotate the credit card around the cover to increase the opening. You can also slide another credit card on the other side of the cover to make things easier.

If you cannot make a gap that is large enough or the cover would not budge, you can use tools. Grab a few small screwdrivers or a knife blade to pry the lens port apart. You can also consider pliers when the cover is particularly stubborn. Take advantage of the tools to create a gap that is at least a millimeter in size. 

Remove the Lens Cover

Once you have a small gap between the lens and the action camera, you can twist the port counterclockwise. Then, simply pull the GoPro lens cover to remove it from the camera body.

Now, you can install a new GoPro housing or an accessory like the Max Lens Mod. You can also get the lens fixed.

Things to Consider When Removing the GoPro Lens Cover

If it is your first time removing the GoPro protective lens cover, you must consider several things to prevent damaging the camera.

First, you likely think that the lens cover would not detach from the camera body. Or you are afraid to break it with force. However, the protective lens cover is designed to come off to let you change the housing or fix a damaged lens. So use as much force as possible to remove it, especially if it is your first time. 

However, avoid using sharp tools that may scratch the glass. You must also take necessary precautions when working with tools. Wear gloves to protect your hands. Doing so can also prevent dust and fingerprints from getting into the lens surface.

Once you remove the GoPro protective lens cover, lay the camera down on its back. Avoid leaving the camera with the front touching the surface because the lens might get scratched.

As much as possible, work in a dry environment, such as an air-conditioned room. Stay away from the windows and humid or damp conditions. That is because dust or fog may get trapped in the lens, which is difficult to remove.

Finally, if you notice particles on the glass surface, make sure to clean them. Use a clean cloth to wipe them off or a can of compressed air to blow them away. The last thing you want is a jammed lens caused by debris.

How to Install a New Lens Cover?

How to Install a New Lens Cover

Installing a new protective lens cover or reattaching the existing one is relatively straightforward. All you need to do is the reverse of the removal process.

First, look at the back of the new protective lens cover. You will find two metal bars or springs. When attaching the cover to the GoPro camera, you must ensure these metal bars are located on the sides to align with the internal grooves.

Next, lay the protective lens cover on top of the camera body. Rotate it until it is a quarter turn from the camera. 

Then, push the new lens cover until it goes all the way in. Twist it again clockwise to lock it in place. You will hear a click sound once it is secure.

That said, you still want to inspect the protective lens cover visually. See if the cover is locked all the way around. It is possible that only one side is locked, while the other is still out. So check your GoPro Hero camera thoroughly. 

What Are the Tools Needed to Remove a GoPro Lens Cover?

What Are the Tools Needed to Remove a GoPro Lens Cover

You can remove a GoPro protective lens cover with your bare hands. However, sometimes, the cover might seem stuck and would not budge at all. This is when some users will use different tools to pull out the cover from the camera body.

The most popular device used is a credit card or any thin card, such as a library or shopping card. It is slim enough to fit the narrow gap between the lens port and the GoPro camera. It is also easy and safe to use.

Other tools used for the removal of a GoPro protective lens cover include a screwdriver, a small knife blade, and a pair of pliers. However, these instruments are sharp, which can scratch the camera lens if you are not careful. One must also wear safety gear, such as gloves, to decrease the risk of accidents.

How Do You Keep the GoPro Protective Lens Cover Clean?

The GoPro cover is designed to keep off dirt, debris, and other particles from damaging your camera lens. However, it eventually gets dirty. It is important to clean the cover to prevent damage to the lens. So, how do you clean the protective lens housing?

The safest method is to use a soft cloth that is slightly damp with water. Gently wipe off the surface with the cloth. Avoid alcohol, household cleaners, solvents, and other strong cleaning products because they can leave residue.

Is a GoPro Camera Waterproof Without a Lens Cover?

Is a GoPro Camera Waterproof Without a Lens Cover

Yes, GoPro cameras are waterproof without a protective lens cover, given the doors are all closed. However, they can only survive wet conditions to a certain extent. If they reach a certain water depth, they are unable to resist water damage anymore. Most GoPro Hero models are only waterproof down to five meters (16 feet). To improve performance underwater, get a waterproof housing and lens cover for your action camera.


The GoPro camera features a lens cover that protects the internal lens from outdoor conditions. While it seems fixed in place, it is detachable to allow lens replacement or installation of new housing.

To remove a GoPro Hero lens cover, create a space between the lens port and the camera body. Use your fingers or tools, such as a credit card or a screwdriver, to lift the lens port. Once there is enough gap, you can twist and remove the lens cover. Now, you can replace the lens or purchase a new cover.

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