How To Fix Lens Error On Nikon Coolpix? 

How To Fix Lens Error On Nikon Coolpix featured photo

Nothing is more frustrating than receiving an error message on your camera. If you own a Nikon Coolpix and cannot make the lens work, welcome to the club. Follow the tips below, so you can return to taking pictures.

To fix a lens error on the Nikon Coolpix, you must first know the specific problem your camera is going through. The most common issue is a lens error message. Consider cleaning the lens and removing obstructions.

However, there are other reasons behind a lens error on Nikon Coolpix cameras. Below, we will cover different problems with these cameras. 

An Overview of Nikon Coolpix Camera 

An Overview of Nikon Coolpix Camera 

Nikon COOLPIX refers to a range of cameras designed for casual and amateur photographers. They are characterized by their compact and lightweight design. They also feature user-friendly interfaces and intuitive controls. So even if you are a beginner without experience in cameras, the Coolpix makes it easy to capture quality photos.

The Nikon Coolpix series ranges in price from budget to expensive. The former has a pocket-size design with a straightforward interface. Meanwhile, the latter offers incredible zoom and advanced shooting modes, like burst, macro, and panorama. Some larger Coolpix cameras even offer Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity and touchscreen displays.

While generally reliable cameras, the Nikon Coolpix series can still encounter lens errors. Below, we will take a look at the most common error messages. Then, we will share some tips on how to fix them.

How To Fix Lens Error On Nikon Coolpix?

Lens errors could occur anytime, even in reliable cameras like the Nikon Coolpix. If you haven’t turned on your camera in a while, this is the most common time the error will show up. Fortunately, these issues are relatively easy to fix on your own.

Lens Error Message

The lens error message is a common issue among cameras like the Nikon Coolpix. It prevents the lens housing from working properly. The message usually displays the words “Lens Error” and “Lens Error Restart Camera.” However, some cameras will show them as a code.

There are two main reasons behind the lens error message on Nikon Coolpix cameras.

First, it might be something as simple as an obstruction. This might be dirt or debris. Clear it out and clean and your problem might be solved.

A drained or dead battery is another possible culprit. 

File Does Not Contain Image Data Error Message

This message might prompt you when you use an incompatible memory card. The Nikon Coolpix camera will have difficulty writing data to the card, leading to corrupt files. Always check the product manual to know what type of memory cards work with your compact camera. However, if you already took pictures with the card, you may be unable to retrieve them once corrupted.

Using the memory card on another device may also result in the “File Does Not Contain Image Data” error message. If possible, avoid inserting the card into another gadget, such as your phone. Instead, use the card on cameras alone. You can also view previous images that you took to solve the issue.

Finally, you can get this error message if you edit images on your computer. When rotating or cropping the photos, they might not show properly on your Nikon Coolpix. The chances are that these pictures are still retrievable. You simply cannot view them on your camera due to the edits made.

Image Cannot Be Saved

If the “image cannot be saved” error appears on your Nikon Coolpix, the memory card might be the culprit again. It might not have enough space to record your photos and videos. Fortunately, the fix is simple. Delete old pictures or transfer them to your computer.

However, if you still have free space and the error message keeps showing up, the card might be malfunctioning or have a different format than your Nikon camera. To fix this issue, try reformatting the memory card. Doing so will delete the data, though. Consider getting a new storage card if you still want to view pictures on other devices.

Another reason behind this error is the file-numbering system. You can reset or turn off this photo file-numbering system to fix the issue.

No Memory Card Error Message

If you recently inserted a memory card into your camera and get the “no memory card” error message, check the card again. Incompatibility issues will prompt this message. Only use cards that are compatible with Nikon Coolpix cameras. Refer to the user manual if you are unsure.  

The storage might also be full. Consider transferring other files to your computer to free up space. Or delete them if not needed.

System Error Message

This specific message is caused by several things.

The first culprit might be the battery. A low or dead battery will prevent the Nikon Coolpix camera from working properly. Try recharging the battery. If it is already fully charged, simply remove the battery from the camera. Wait for around 15 minutes before reinserting the battery. Doing so gives the camera time to reset itself.

If resetting the camera does not fix the problem, download the latest firmware and drivers for the Nikon Coolpix series. You can find them on the Nikon Download Center. Simply enter the model of your camera on the site to locate the correct files.

Battery Problems

An old battery nearing the end of its lifespan may cause a lot of problems. These include the lens error on your Nikon Coolpix cameras, no memory card error message, and other system issues.

The only way to fix the issues caused by your battery is to replace it or recharge if using rechargeable batteries. You can use a different battery for your camera or buy a new one. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my Nikon Coolpix say lens error?

Your Nikon Coolpix camera will show a lens error message when something blocks the lens and image sensor. Common obstructions include dirt, dust, sand, and your camera case.

Can you fix a jammed camera lens?

If you have a jammed camera lens, an obstruction might be preventing it from working properly. You can fix it by removing the cause of the jam. Gently tap the camera lens on the surface to get rid of particles. Trying using compressed air in a can to remove stubborn debris.

What makes a Nikon camera read lens error?

Your Nikon camera displays a lens error message for several reasons. Again, it could be a simple obstruction, like dirt or sand, in the lens. Or the problem might be a result of something more serious, such as a corrupted memory card or a dead battery. You can replace them with a new one. But if the camera still does not work, consider bringing it to a technician to fix the problem.


The Nikon Coolpix is a high-quality compact camera designed for casual photographers and hobbyists. While it is usually reliable, it can stop working due to a lens error message.

To fix a Nikon Coolpix lens error problem, you must check for obstructions in the lens. Remove debris and any object preventing the lens from extending or retracting. You can also replace the storage card or battery if you cannot save an image. 

Do you have other questions about lens errors on Nikon Coolpix cameras? Feel free to visit our website to send us your queries!