How To Clear SD Card on Sony a7III?

How To Clear SD Card on Sony a7III featured photo

Nothing is more frustrating than failing to capture a moment because of the camera’s full storage. If you want to continue shooting again, you must learn how to clear the SD card.

There are three ways to format the SD card on the Sony a7III. The easiest method is to go to your camera and access the “Format” menu. You can also open your Windows or Mac computer to free up space on your memory card.

This article will cover each formatting method in more detail. We will teach you the steps to clear the SD card on your Sony camera, so you can go back to taking photos and videos. We will also answer some of your questions about the memory space of the Sony a7III.

How To Clear SD Card On Sony a7III?

Formatting the memory card is an easy way to free up space on your Sony a7III camera. Below, we will list three methods to clear the SD card.

Method 1: Format The Card On The Camera Itself

Method 1 Format The Card On The Camera Itself

The easiest way to clear the SD card is from the Sony camera itself. Follow the steps below to delete photos and videos on your device.

First, turn on the camera. Press the Menu button on the rear of the camera, near the upper left side of the screen.

Navigate to the fifth tab, which has a suitcase icon. Go to page 5 using the rear control wheel on the right side of the LCD screen.

Next, scroll down to see the “Format” option. Click it to open it. 

Now, you must choose which SD card you want to clear. Note that you can only format one memory card at a time. 

After selecting the card, press the “Enter” button. Depending on your Sony camera, you may see two formatting options: full format and quick format. The former clears the entire card, meaning it deletes all the files in the camera. Quick format removes some photos and videos, but it lets you recover other data. 

Finally, wait until the camera completes the formatting process. It will take a few seconds or more to remove the files.

If you want to format the other SD card slot, simply redo the steps above. 

Method 2: Format The Card Using A Windows PC

Method 2 Format The Card Using A Windows PC

You can also clear the SD card on the Sony a7III using your personal computer. If it has a Windows operating system (OS) installed, refer to the following steps.

First things first, remove the card from the Sony a7III. Flip open the port cover on the right side of the camera. Select which SD card you want to format.

Next, get (or buy, if you don’t own one) your external card reader. Insert the memory card into this device. Then, connect it to your laptop or computer via the included USB cable.

Open the “File Explore” app on your computer. Click “This PC” and search for the name of your SD card from the “Devices and drives” list.

Now, using the mouse, right-click on the name of the card. You will see a “Format” text on the drop-down menu. 

Once you select that option, another window will open. You can check or uncheck the “Quick Format” option, depending on your preferences.

Lastly, click the “Start” button at the bottom of the window. Clearing the SD card on the Sony a7III may take a few seconds.

After completing the procedure, eject the external card reader. Take off the memory card and return it to your camera. Repeat the same steps if you plan on formatting the other SD card.

Method 3: Format The Card Using a Mac

Method 3 Format The Card Using a Mac

Another way to clear your SD card on the Sony a7III is through your Mac computer.

Before anything else, you must take out the card from your camera. Open the port lid covering the memory card slots. Remove the SD card and insert it into the computer’s built-in card reader.

On your Mac, launch the “Finder” app. Find and click the “Utilities” option under the “Go” tab. 

Next, find the name of your memory card on the “Disk Utility” window. Click on the card to open another window with several buttons.

Click the “Erase” button and choose the “Format” option. You will see a drop-down menu. Pick “ExFAT” if you have a memory card with 64GB of space or larger. For 35GB cards or smaller, choose the “MS-DOS (FAT)” option. 

The last step is clicking “Erase” to begin the formatting process. Once complete, you can eject the card from the reader and put it back inside your Sony camera. Repeat the same procedure if you want to clear another SD card.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my SD card is full?

It is easy to know the amount of available space on your Sony a7III’s memory card. Turn on your camera. Next, press the top button of the rear wheel with a “DISP” mark. Now, you can see different letters and symbols on the LCD screen. Look for an illustration of a memory card at the upper left of the screen. The logo is followed by a number. That refers to the number of images you can save on the Sony a7III camera. If the number is 0, then the SD card is already full. Any attempts to take a picture or video will fail.

How many SD card slots does the Sony a7III have?

The Sony a7III provides two SD card slots. The first slot is typically faster and can accept UHS-II cards. Meanwhile, the second slot can only take slower, UHS-I cards. You do not have to use two cards; one is enough for capturing media. However, there are benefits to filling both card slots. For example, you can prompt the camera to save files on both cards for convenient backup. Or you can have one slot save photos, while the other primarily records videos.

What is the max SD card size for Sony a7III?

The Sony a7III accepts both SDHC and SDXC memory cards. While you can use the smallest 4GB cards, there is a limit to the card size the camera can work with. You can only insert cards with 256GB of free space. So if you are saving files on both cards (also known as mirroring), you can only record up to 256GB worth of photos and videos. But if you use them separately, you get a total of 512GB of free space.


Do not let a full memory card interrupt you from shooting the perfect moment. Learn how to clear the SD card on the Sony a7III once in a while to free up space.

You can format the SD card on the Sony camera itself. Simply go to the Menu setting and find the “Format” option. You can also remove files on your Windows or Mac computer. Refer to the steps above for clear instructions. 

Do you have more questions about clearing memory cards? You can contact us via our website!