Does the Sony a7III Come With a Battery Charger?

Does the Sony a7III Come With a Battery Charger featured photo

If you are deciding to purchase a Sony a7III, you may have heard about its impressive battery life. However, you know that the battery can still be depleted. So, how do you charge it? And does the Sony a7III include a battery charger? 

The Sony a7III does not come with a battery charger. However, the mirrorless camera includes an outlet adapter and a micro USB cable. These accessories allow you to charge the camera by connecting the cable to the USB outlet.

This article will cover why the Sony a7III does not include a battery charger in the package. We will also teach you the official battery to use on the camera. Plus, we will answer some of your questions about batteries.

Does The Sony a7III Come With a Battery Charger?

According to the Sony website, the a7III does not come with a battery charger. Instead, you get other accessories. These include an AC adapter and a micro USB cable. Both items make it possible to charge the Sony a7III camera via its USB port.

You may wonder why the Sony a7III does not have a battery charger, especially when its siblings (a7R III and a9) include one. However, Sony did not come up with any explanation, so we can only guess the reason behind their decision. We think Sony wanted to save a few bucks by not including the charger. That is because they already packed so many features in the a7III, considering its size and price point.

What Type of Battery Does the Sony a7III Use?

What Type of Battery Does the Sony a7III Use

The Sony a7III uses the official Sony NP-FZ100 battery. This is a newer battery compared to the power unit found in the Sony a7II. As such, it provides better performance. 

When you buy a new Sony a7III camera, you will get one rechargeable Sony NP-FZ100 battery. However, if you want to purchase a second-hand or used camera, it is possible the seller might not include the official battery. Check with the seller first. 

You must also be aware of counterfeit NP-FZ100 batteries. Sony has already issued a statement against these fake batteries because they bear the Sony logo and look eerily similar to the original power unit. 

We highly recommend purchasing straight from Sony-approved dealers. When buying from Amazon, check if the item will come from Amazon directly and not a third-party seller.

Can I Use Third-Party Batteries On The Sony a7III?

Technically, yes, you can use third-party batteries on the Sony a7III. But the better question is: should you use these unofficial batteries? The answer is complicated.

If you want to ensure the compatibility of the battery with your Sony camera, then stick with the official NP-FZ100. This item also offers the best possible battery life because Sony specifically manufactured it for their cameras.

However, if you want to buy extra batteries for the a7III at a cheap cost, you can get them from third-party sellers. Carefully read the product description and reviews first to see if they really work on your camera. 

But even if they do work, these foreign batteries might prompt the camera to display a warning message (depending on firmware updates). You may see the words “the operation and safety of this battery cannot be guaranteed” on the LCD screen. You can always ignore the warning and press the “OK” button. Once you do, the battery percentage indicator on the screen disappears. You will have to guess how much battery you have left before the Sony a7III shuts down. Using third-party batteries might also damage the camera, so for many, it is not worth the risk. 

How Long Does The Sony a7III Battery Last?

When using the new NP-FZ100 battery, the Sony a7III camera is rated to last up to 710 still shots. It offers double the battery life of the smaller and older NP-FW50 battery used in the a7II. 

The exact period the battery lasts will depend on how heavily you use the Sony camera. For example, the battery might drain faster if autofocus and image stabilization are switched on. But if you only use the basic settings, the camera may give you half a day of shooting. 

Do you plan on shooting all day? Then, one battery that is fully charged will not be enough. You need to have an extra power unit with you. We always carry two batteries to last us the entire day. If you are shooting video, you might have to go through more than two batteries, so bring a spare battery in case.

How Do I Charge The Sony a7III?

After learning the Sony a7III does not come with battery chargers, you may wonder how to charge the camera. Below, we will share four different ways to charge the Sony camera.

Connecting the Camera To Your Outlet or Computer via USB

As previously mentioned, the Sony a7III comes with an AC adapter and a USB cable. You can use this wire to connect the camera to the adapter. Then, plug that adapter into an AC outlet. And that is it; your camera is now charging!

Alternatively, you can connect the camera to your computer via the USB cable. Simply insert the other end of the cable into the USB port of your laptop. 

Unlike other Sony cameras, you can still use the a7III while using the USB charger. However, it takes longer to get a full charge compared to the next method.

Buying The Sony a7III Official Battery Charger

Buying The Sony a7III Official Battery Charger

Using the dedicated battery charger is the best way to power up your Sony a7III. The official battery charger of the camera is the Sony BC-QZ1. It can give the battery full power within 150 minutes. That is around 40% faster than charging using the USB cable.

The Sony charger also features an LED indicator that shows the charging status. Plus, it is compact enough to fit your camera bag.

To use the official battery charger, remove the battery inside your Sony a7III. First, turn off the device. Hold your camera with its bottom side facing you. Hold down the lock lever on the battery door to release it. Slide the empty battery on the charger. Finally, plug the dedicated charger into an electrical outlet. 

Using A Power Bank

If you are shooting at a remote location or do not have access to a plug outlet, you can connect your camera to a power bank. 

Any power bank will do, as long as it supports micro USB cables. Connect the wire to the USB output of your camera. Then, insert the other end into the power bank device to properly charge the Sony a7III.

Investing in a Battery Grip

Investing in a Battery Grip

Finally, you can buy a battery grip, which holds multiple batteries and extends the battery life of your camera. 

Sony produces its battery grip for the Sony a7III, called the VGC3EM Vertical Grip. It can handle two batteries to help you shoot for long hours. However, it can be quite expensive than a dedicated charger. If you are on a tight budget, feel free to browse other battery grips from third-party sellers.

However, note that battery grips can add significant weight and size to an otherwise compact camera.


If you want to buy the Sony a7III camera, know that it does not come with a battery charger. You must buy it separately. Fortunately, you can use the included AC adapter and USB cable to power up the camera. You can also try other methods we mentioned above.

Do you have other questions about the Sony a7III? We have several articles about this model, so feel free to browse our website for other guides.